Call for papers – “City strategies and urban “models””


Submission deadline: Wednesday, September 1st, 2015

Following the seminar on the “Circulation of urban references and local assemblages” organized by the “Circulating models and heterogeneous development” of the LabEx DynamiTe (Élisabeth PEYROUX and Thierry SANJUAN“, EchoGéo is launching a call for papers for a special issue on city strategies and urban “models”. The objective of this special issue is to question the notion of “model” and explore the ways in which Northern and Southern cities instrumentalize the production, transfer, circulation and adoption of such models, as part of economic and geopolitical strategies aimed at strengthening their international standing.

It will focus not only on large, powerful cities, but also on small and medium-sized cities whose attractiveness, based on innovation or creativity, may have the potential to challenge the urban hierarchy. By taking into consideration the economic and geopolitical interests that underpin the international circulation of « models », this relational approach to cities aims to further current theoretical and methodological developments in the field of urban studies, and to point to directions for future research.

The papers, written in French or English, should be in the region of 30,000 signs (plus illustrations). They must be sent by the 1th September 2015 to Elisabeth PEYROUX ( and Thierry SANJUAN (, copying in Béatrice VÉLARD (, Editorial Secretary, who will transmit them to the evaluators.

The articles will be published in EchoGéo n° 36 (April-June 2016)

For more details, visit the EchoGéo website: