Summer School 2018 – Practical information

Airport Palazzo Ricasoli

Take the Volainbus shuttle to Florence train station:

From the train station, get to the Palazzo Ricasoli by taking the bus line 1 at the station “Stazione Nazionale” (toward “Salviati FS” or “Boccaccio”) and take off at the station “Venezia”:

Palazzo Ricasoli’s address: Via delle Mantellate, 2.

Palazzo Ricasoli Villa Finaly

Take the bus line 25 at the station “Venezia” (“La Pira -> Pratolino”) and take off at the station “Villa Finaly”:

Villa Finaly‘s address: Via Bolognese, 134 R.

Villa Finaly Palazzo Ricasoli

Take the bus line 25, station “Bolognese 10” or “La Pietra 02″ (toward “La Pira”), and take off at the station “Salvestrina”:

Bus tickets can be bought:

  • at the airport;
  • at the train station (ATAF counter);
  • in tobacco stores;
  • on board buses.

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