Visiting professor: the LabEx DynamiTe welcomes Violaine JOLIVET

Drapeau Montreal
Photo : David Wise (Creative Commons)

As part of their work, the “Considering urban production in northern and southern areas: approaches, categoriesand methods”, “Images, sounds and territories” and “Mobilities and spatialities” Work-Packages of the LabEx DynamiTe invite Violaine JOLIVET for a period of four weeks, starting Monday, May 16th 2022.

Violaine JOLIVET

Violaine JOLIVET is an associate professor in geography at the University of Montreal. Recognized in the field of urban studies, her research currently focuses on the new forms of exclusion generated by gentrification, touristification or the financialization of housing. She has been practicing international comparison for a long time, with Havana and Montreal as privileged areas.

Her research is fully in line with the scientific project of the Work-Packages at the origin of this invitation. The program of activities during her stay in Paris is rich and varied: seminars, international study day on comparison, screening-debate and sharing of experiences around the production of podcasts.