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Water dropIn our closely interconnected world, local areas exert an influence on the mechanisms that make societies vulnerable and on the preservation of biodiversity.

The LabEx goal is to show that it is at this level – more than any other – that people “think global and act local”.
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CityIn 2030, five billion people will be living in cities. This global trend is envisaged as a tremendous upheaval that is destroying previous socio-spatial patterns.

The LabEx Dynamite invests the concept of resilience to plan urban futures.
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WorldModels of territorial development are devised in the North and imported to the South – with debatable results. Researchers of the LabEx analyze the conflicts and negotiations taking place among the many stakeholders and powers involved in these dominant models.

The goal is to show how the empowerment of local areas as centres of political and economic development can abolish the frontiers of knowledge dissemination in an interconnected world.
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ExodusMobility is on the rise and increasingly widespread, challenging traditional representations of the local areas that form the backbone of public policies. The LabEx DynamiTe itends to identify emerging issues concerning the overall equilibrium, types of habitat and patterns of travel.

The objectif is to better understand the hybrid dynamics of contemporary societies and to project management strategies for the future.
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