“Environmental changes and societies in the past”


Nicole LIMONDIN-LOZOUETLGP : Laboratoire de Géographie Physique (UMR 8591)
Zoï TSIRTSONIArScAn : Archéologies et Sciences de l’Antiquité (UMR 7041)


The Work-Package (WP) “Environmental changes and societies in the past” is structured around three research focus areas:

1) Environmental changes at different time scales and spatial scales:

  • their extent and their role in the evolution of human societies of the past, during periods of expansion and periods of crisis alike (identification and influence of rapid climate change events);
  • man’s role in these changes (man-environment interaction).

2) The development and use of new paleo-indicators to record these changes.

3) The organisation of territories in the past and natural resource management in the short, medium and long term:

  • environmental aspect of the territories (geographical structuring, anthropisation, resource potential, evolution as a result of changes made by human or natural action);
  • highlight the road and plot networks, and understand their role in the organisation of rural landscapes, including in the long term (transmission of forms, resilience or change).

The time frame is very broad, stretching from prehistory (Early Pleistocene) up to the modern era (Little Ice Age) and even the contemporary period.

The investigation methods include field research (geophysical prospecting, soil surveys, core sampling, excavations) and laboratory research (analyses of sediments and their content, including biological content, dating), as well as the study of archives and the processing of spatial imagery data (satellite photos and LiDAR technology). Major methodological advances are achieved or leveraged by WP members.


Paleoenvironments, environments, environmental dynamics, anthropisation, paleo-indicators, natural resources, structuring of territories, road networks, plot networks, economic systems, spatial resolution, chronological resolution, temporalities, crises, human societies of the past.

Research fields:

The WP’s geographical scope encompasses all of the continents, but activities are more sustained in the following countries and regions:

  • Europe: France (in particular the Nord, Île-de-France, Normandie, Centre, Mediterranean seaboard), Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece (in particular Northern Greece and Crete), Bulgaria;
  • Africa: Maghreb (in particular Morocco), Senegal;
  • Asia: Turkey (in particular Central Anatolia), Arabian Peninsula, Indonesia;
  • America: North America (Alaska), Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras) and South America (Peru);
  • French Southern and Antarctic Territories (Kerguelen Islands).


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