“Images, sounds and territories”


Marie CHENETLGP : Laboratoire de Géographie Physique (UMR 8591)
Rémi DE BERCEGOLProdig : Pôle de Recherche pour l’Organisation et la Diffusion de l’Information Géographique (UMR 8586)


The “Images, sounds and territories” Work-Package (WP) proposes to examine the use of images and sounds (in the broad sense, from photography to documentary films and sound designs) in research into geography. Whether they analyse them or produce them, a growing number of geographers are now using various audio and/or visual media as an established tool to produce a geographical discourse that may differ to that produced by research based on written resources.

Before researchers can use image or sound as an analytical tool or as a scientific product, they must first think specifically about the conditions for its legitimate use in geography. The use of these tools may still seem marginal within the discipline, despite genuine enthusiasm, and the researchers that use them currently feel a deep-seated need for recognition, discussion forums and the possibility of forming a network. This WP proposes to discuss the geographical knowledge produced by images and sounds (whether or not they are produced by geographers), to question the practices spawned by their use in research and teaching, and to compare each member’s methods and consider the benefits and drawbacks of these tools.


Images, sounds, production, perception, digital tools.


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