2016 Summer School of the LabEx DynamiTe: registration closes on 3 April 2016

École d'Été 2016

The 2016 Summer School of the LabEx DynamiTe will be held from 6 to 12 July 2016, at the University of Catania’s Benedictine Monastery (Sicily).

This year, the main focus will be:

“From risk to resilience, from past to present:
critical perspectives and comparative approaches”

Warning: registration will close on 3 April 2016. Click here to register online.

This Summer School will give precedence to exploratory work that does not take the concept of resilience for granted but rather examines the social and historical conditions of its use by the scientific community.

Thus, a constant dialogue between past and present case studies shall be offered, involving geographers, sociologists, historians and archeologists. By comparing sites distant in both time and space, common mechanisms that lead to system resilience or on the contrary to major qualitative system reorganizations can be identified.

Four topics shall be covered:

  • historiographical approaches to resilience and the role of temporal scales;
  • resilience and cities;
  • post-disaster resilience;
  • and residential vulnerability.

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