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Contrats post-doctoraux - Campagne 2017

Post-doctoral positions – Campaign 2017

For the year 2017, the LabEx DynamiTe offers 3 post-doctoral positions (1 year): “Rationales and stakeholders in the retraction of hospital care services in France”; “International circulation and regional integration between the Maghreb and...

Contrat post-doctoral 2

Post-doctoral positions – Campaign 2017: Profile n° 2

“International circulation and regional integration between the Maghreb and West Africa” Work-Package: “Regional integrations” The deadline for the submission of applications is Tuesday, April 18 2017 (inclusive). Recruitment procedure and schedule Position description International...

Contrats doctoraux et post-doctoraux

Doctoral and post-doctoral positions – Campaign 2015

For the year 2015, the LabEx DynamiTe offers 2 doctoral positions (3 years) et 3 post-doctoral positions (1 year). Doctoral positions: “Reconstitution of Paleo environments and man-environment interactions in the Maya tropical lowlands during...