One of the LabEx DynamiTe’s key objectives is to support training in relation to the overarching themes of its partner research units.

LabEx’s doctoral positions

Robin CURA (en rouge), doctorant du LabEx DynamiTe, animant un atelier à l'occasion de la "Nuit de la géographie"

Robin CURA (in red), PhD student of the LabEx DynamiTe, leading a workshop on the occasion of the “The Night of Geography”.

Since its launch, DynamiTe has recruited 17 PhD students, whose profiles have been defined within the Work-Packages. As such, they participate in the seminars of the Work-Packages.

In addition, the LabEx offers its PhD students the opportunity to teach in its partner institutions, within the framework of teaching assignments.

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Visiting professors

The LabEx DynamiTe regularly welcomes professors from foreign universities. Driving a dynamic of openness and international partnership, they teach in the LabEx’s partner institutions (at Bachelor and Master’s levels), and deliver lectures.

Since its launch, the LabEx has welcomed 9 visiting professors, from Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Portugal.

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Specialised vocational training

The LabEx supports vocational training activities intended for a varied audience (training workshops within the framework of the LabEx partner Doctoral Schools: Geographic Information System, research management, English for research, etc.).

DynamiTe members also contribute to around thirty Master’s courses in attached institutions (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris Diderot University, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, École Pratique des Hautes Études, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales) on topics such as risk management, town planning, environmental archaeology, etc.

The LabEx also co-finances research seminars organised by its Work-Packages in collaboration with these Master’s programmes.

Summer Schools

École d'Été 2015 du LabEx DynamiTe

2015 Summer School of the LabEx DynamiTe.

The Summer Schools are major events for the LabEx and play an active role in its training policy.

Open to young researchers (PhD students and post-doctoral fellows) as well as to those seeking to improve their knowledge and/or develop new skills, they are organised in collaboration with several LabEx Work-Packages.

4 such events have been organised.

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Support for research

The LabEx DynamiTe is highly active in its support for the research activities conducted by its member researchers, in particular through the recruitment of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and engineers. They are part of the Work-Packages, at the very heart of research activities.

Furthermore, the LabEx invests in the purchase of geo-referenced databases and field tools, in order to facilitate interaction between specific methodologies and disciplinary tools within the Work-Packages.


Seminars and international colloquia

In order to promote their research work, the LabEx Work-Packages regularly organize events open to a wide audience (national and international conferences and seminars).

They also take part in various scientific events throughout the year (forums, round tables, scientific mediation gatherings, etc.).

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Dynamite Meetings

Rencontres DynamiTe 2015

2015 DynamiTe Meeting.

The LabEx DynamiTe organises cross-cutting scientific events, involving numerous researchers and Work-Packages, in a spirit of openness towards the socio-economic world.

A perfect illustration of this is the DynamiTe Meetings, 2 of which have been organised since the LabEx was launched.

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The activities of the LabEx Work-Packages are based on a certain number of partnerships and co-funded projects individually implemented by members. These involve research and study operators (the French National Research Agency, the European Research Council, etc.), as well as private sector companies (Air France, AXA, Renault, Suez, etc.).

The LabEx’s aim is to strengthen these collaborations, initiated within the framework of the activities of its Work-Packages, by developing research activities established in cooperation with the socio-economic sphere.