Grèce du Nord

In its second phase, launched on January the 1st 2020, The LabEx DynamiTe encompasses 19 research units, attached to 15 higher education and research institutions in the Île-de-France region, in connection with common research activities in the field of Territorial and Spatial Dynamics.

This territorial approach has elicited new interdisciplinary synergies around four societal challenges, giving rise to the following research fields:

  • scientific focus area 1 – “Legacy and mutation of the territories”;
  • scientific focus area 2 – “The impacts of environmental changes and risks on biodiversity and societies”;
  • scientific focus area 3 – “Mobilities, exchanges and migrations”;
  • scientific focus area 4 – “Methodological innovations and digital tools”.

Territory is a cross-cutting theme that now occupies a central role due to its relevance to public policy implementation and to recent scientific advances.

Each of DynamiTe’s research fields examines the value of taking into account the territorial dimension in both reflection and action. Indeed, The LabEx is convinced that this territorial approach enables a better understanding of the place of each individual amid the transformations of the contemporary world.

Vue aérienne - région parisienneDynamiTe seeks to help advance our knowledge capital and our potential for action by revisiting the concept of territory, from prehistory to the present day, with a view to a collective projection on a common future. Its members strive to harness the benefits of the respective contributions of their various disciplinary fields to these questions.

The LabEx Management Board