Visiting professor: the LabEx DynamiTe welcomes Ms Rachel SILVEY


As part of its work, the “Space of mobility” Work-Package of the LabEx DynamiTe invites Ms Rachel SILVEY for a period of one month and a half, from February 10 to March 23.

During her stay, Ms Rachel SILVEY will give conferences and several classes. Collaborative research programs will also be developed.

She will take part in the conference “Gender, Mobility, Spatiality”, organized by the “Space of mobility” Work-Package on february 12. For more information, click here.

Rachel SILVEYProfessor at the University of Toronto, Rachel SILVEY is among the most recognized experts in the geography of mobility, migration and gender. She has published numerous articles on the relationship between mobility and spatial aspects, in particular in terms of a scalar reading.

Her research interests involve migration, Indonesia, feminist theory, critical development studies, and the politics of transnationalism. Recent research focuses on the ways in which the gender politics of migration are inflected by religion.