Visiting professor: the LabEx DynamiTe welcomes Eduarda MARQUES DA COSTA

As part of its work, the “Regional integrations” Work-Package of the LabEx DynamiTe invites Ms Eduarda MARQUES DA COSTA for a period of one month, from January 18 2016.

During her stay, Eduarda MARQUES DA COSTA will give several conferences:

on January 28 2016, she will take part in the seminar “Les services d’intérêt général et la cohésion territoriale dans l’Union européenne” ;

on february 5 2016, she will take part in the conference “Les villes saines : des concepts à l’aménagement urbain”.

She will also give classes on the evaluation of EU policies to students of the Paris Diderot University, at a master level.

Eduarda MARQUESEduarda MARQUES DA COSTA is an associate professor at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon and researcher at the Centre for Geographical Studies of the same university, where she coordinates the research group “MOPT – Modelação, Ordenamento e Planeamento Terrritorial” (“Modelling, Management and Spatial Planning”). Her areas of interest are urban and regional planning and the definition and evaluation of public policies. Recently, she was editor in collaboration with FASSMAN, RAHURT and HUMER of the book: 2015 – Services of general interest: European perspectives and national insights, ed. FASSMAN H, RAHURT D., MARQUES DA COSTA E., HUMER A. (2015) – V&R Vienna University Press, 275 pp.

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