Visiting professors: the LabEx DynamiTe welcomes Ana LANNA and Renato CYMBALISTA


The “Producing the “ordinary” city” and “Mobility” Work-Packages of the LabEx DynamiTe invite Ms Ana LANNA and Mr Renato CYMBALISTA, Professors at the University of São Paulo, for a period of one month between November and December 2015.

This invitation is the result of a collaboration between the two Work-Packages. It is perfectly in line with the research they conduct. Indeed, the work of the two visiting professors focuses on the transformation of the surrounding neighborhoods of São Paulo, both in terms of the dynamics at play and the role of the migrants in these dynamics.

Ana LANNA and Renato CYMBALISTA will take part in the first study day co-organized by the two Work-Packages, entitled “International migration, internal migration and genesis of the city. The formation of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro surrounding neighborhoods, late nineteenth – early twentieth century”. It falls within the framework of a Franco-Brazilian interdisciplinary research program (TRAME) on the metropolitan transition in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro at the turn of the twentieth century, funded by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) (International program for scientific cooperation – PICS 2015-2017).

In addition to this study day, Ana LANNA et Renato CYMBALISTA will also give conferences and several classes, within the Universities Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Paris Diderot.

Ana LANNAAna LANNA is a full Professor and Head of the department of history of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of São Paulo. Her research interests lie in history, especially the history of Brazil, mainly in the following fields: history of cities, cultural heritage, immigration and labor, urban history and social history. She is also President of the CONDEPHAAT (Institute of São Paulo State heritage).

Renato CYMBALISTARenato CYMBALISTA is a Professor at the Department of History of Architecture and Aesthetics of the Project, at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of São Paulo. Between 2003 and 2008, he coordinated the urban planning program of the Institute for Research and Training in Social Policies. He was also Deputy Director of the Brazilian Journal of Urban and Regional Studies from 2010 to 2012. He is President of the Instituto Pólis since 2012. He is also the president of the association for the promotion of community property, founded in 2015.

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