Conférence d’Olivier Sykes : « Mind the Gap! – despite all the talk, does planning theory actually speak to practice? »

Professeur invité - Olivier SYKES

Dans le cadre de ses travaux, le Groupe de Travail « Réseaux et territoires » du LabEx DynamiTe invite Olivier SYKES pour une période de deux mois, du 28 octobre au 20 décembre 2014 (plus d’informations).

À cette occasion, Olivier SYKES donnera deux conférences.

La première s’intitulera « Mind the Gap! – despite all the talk, does planning theory actually speak to practice?« , et se tiendra :

le mardi 4 novembre 2014
de 16h à 18h
à Géographie-Cités, 13 rue du Four – 75006 Paris

Présentation de la conférence (en anglais) :

Since 1945, different theories of planning have dominated planning thought at different times. The first aim of this seminar is to provide an overview of the development of different theories and the process of change in planning thought. Brief consideration will be given to the general characteristics of key theories which have been fashionable at different times in planning practice and academic debate in English-speaking countries. The role of historical experience in moulding debates and driving evolutions in planning thought will be emphasised. The second aim is to consider the argument which features in the literature on planning theory, and has been advanced by many academic and practitioner observers of planning, that despite ongoing debates on planning ideas in academia, the gap between planning theory and practice has widened over the years. The seminar will conclude by seeking to offer a view on whether ‘despite all the talk’, planning theory really speaksto practice.