Titre du projet : Natural dynamics, infrastructure construction and tourism economy in the context of a developing country: Nepal (Central Himalaya)

Acronyme :

Période : 2019 – 2021

Porteur : Gilles ARNAUD-FASSETTA (UMR 8586 PRODIG)

Liste des participant·e·s au projet :

Participant·e·s membres du LabEx DynamiTe :
Gilles ARNAUD-FASSETTA (UMR 8586 PRODIG), Jean-Claude BERGÈS (UMR 8586 PRODIG), Philippe CADÈNE (UMR 245 CESSMA), Nicolas DELBART (UMR 8236 LIED), Monique FORT (UMR 8586 PRODIG) et Ornella PUSCHIASIS (UMR 245 CESSMA)

Équipe népalaise :
Narayan GURUNG (Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association), Narendra RAJ KHANAL (Tribhuvan University), Dhananjay REGMI (Himalayan Research Exploration), Som SAPKOTA (Government of Nepal, Department of Mines and Geology), Kundan SHARMA (Nepal Tourism Board) et Ichchha THAPA (The Mountain Institute Kathmandu)

Laboratoire gestionnaire de la subvention : UMR 8586 PRODIG

In a context of growing population and of rapid infrastructure development, we intend to examine the natural hazards that characterize the mountains of Central Nepal (Kali Gandaki corridor; Pokhara valley; Langtang valley). Our study can provide a real prospect for better quality designs (including bio-engineering) and for an effective early warning system, to reduce damages to infrastructure and settlements, and indirectly to traffic and trade across the country.